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Zeta launches 3 digital tax optimiser solutions

webindia123 2016-09-29 05:30:00
Leading tax optimser solution provider Zetatoday announced the introduction of three new digital tax optimisersolutions taking the total offerings from its stable to eight.

Company CEO and co-founder Bhavin Turakhia, a serial techentrepreneur of the Directi Group, told newsmen here that Zeta wouldinvest 25 million USD next year to ramp up its sales and marketing team.

He said the new solutions, fuel and travel, communications andbooks and periodicals, utilising tax compliant benefits could enablean employee save up to Rs.80,000 per year.

The company already over 300 institutions in its fold covering apotential 70,000 employees and this number would touch one millionby April next year.

Mr Turakhia said ''all out efforts have been concentrated onoffering a tech facelift to employee tax benefits. Fuel allowances,mobile bill and books and periodicals reimbursements are probably afew of the most process plagued benefits''. The solutions offered byZeta would make this space more convenient by making it 100 per cent

Zetra's cloud based solution enabled companies to send grants toemployees instantly via a digital dashboard. Employees in turn couldspend it using a MasterCard powered physical super card, a NFCenabled sticker. Currently Zeta served 35,000 users across the country.

The company with a group valuation of USD 1.4 billion had overemployees 300 employees.

Mr Turakhia said that there was as many as 51 allowances andperquisites that provided tax saving benefits in India and Zetawould cover a maximum of them to serve nearly 2.7 million salariedpeople in the country.UNI CNR RS CS 1546

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