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Govt. announces 20 crore project to make Kuldhara as tourist place

News Crab 2017-01-12 15:18:37

JAIPUR: Government as of declare a Rs 20 crore venture to urge travelers to visit the remnants of Kuldhara, the relinquished towns around 20 km from Jaisalmer city. Jaseri Lake, adjacent Kuldhara, has since quite a while ago served as a fascination for flying creature watchers. Be that as it may, the water of the lake is currently being pumped out by deceitful administrators to make a snappy buck. On the off chance that this is not abridged, local people say, the lake could soon run dry.

Kuldhara contains remains of 83 towns which all of a sudden exhausted out in the thirteenth century, allegedly after news spread that a capable man would wed one of the little girls of the town – with or without the assent of the young lady. State government now arranges a gallery and spaces where travelers can remain around evening time to encounter the feeling of a range accepted to be spooky .