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Now Randeep Hooda backs Sonu Nigam

Friday Moviez 2017-04-21 00:00:00
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    In the recent past Sonu Nigam became the target of many Twitter trollers when his tweets regarding the loudspeakers used while conducting the Muslim prayer, Azaan in the Mosques went viral. He faced criticisms from every end and even shaved his head at a press conference in the city after a Maulavi issued a notice that whoever shaves Sonu's head will get Rupees 10 lakhs. While many B-town celebs chose to remain mum on the overall controversy, Randeep Hooda has come forward and showed extended his support to the singer.

    Her took to his social media platform Twitter and tweeted, "What @sonunigam meant was against #loudspeakers not against a religion .. anyone doing is against #CivicSense and should be curtailed .. 🙏 …"

    While we think that the matter is heading towards an end, it seems that it will take some more time to resolve completely.