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Five Reasons to Hire IT Consultants in New York

Artipot 2017-04-21 05:30:00
Are your IT issues or outdated networking systems slowing your business growth? Businesses these days rely so heavily on IT systems that even small glitches can disrupt business - and cost you real money. That's why it makes so much sense to hire an IT consultant. In New York, there are many different services available that can meet your business needs.

It's a good idea to determine what those needs are first. IT is used everywhere in business including of course networking and computer systems, communications such as VoIP and mobile phones, databases, point of sale systems, customer relations management, inventory, ecommerce, and more. Also, services can be different for those who are guided by different regulations such as HIPAA and SOX 404.

Here are five more reasons as why you can't go wrong hiring IT consultants in New York:

Up-to-the-Minute Knowledge

One of the biggest challenges in the tech sector is keeping up with new innovations. However, training and keeping up with current events sometimes gets pushed to the wayside if tech is not an organization's core business. IT consultants in New York tend to keep up to date better than in-house IT departments, and in turn will be more likely to understand what's just on the horizon. This means better IT planning and more efficient solutions - often at a lower cost (see "Great Savings" below).

Enhanced Business Performance and Growth

Downtime is money lost. Whether you rely on your systems directly for sales, inventory, and ecommerce, or you use them for customer relations management and communications, every minute you're offline, you're losing money. IT consultants in New York can enhance your business performance by reducing downtime, eliminating network threats, and planning for your growth.

Quick Solutions When You Need Them

Need to implement a new IT system such as VoIP, or simply upgrade your network and server capacity - right now? Independent IT consultants tend to move faster than in-house staff for several reasons. The biggest advantage is that they can focus on the problem at hand without distractions from staff about emails or ongoing maintenance chores. Whether you're troubleshooting a slowdown or expanding your network and systems, an IT consultant in New York will get you online faster.

Great Savings

For most small and medium businesses (SMBs), outsourcing your IT needs to a subcontractor makes good business sense financially. With full-time staff, you're paying them even when they're not working. You're also responsible for things like benefits, vacation pay, office space, and training. Look for IT consultants in New York who have flat rate maintenance plans. Not only will this help you manage your IT costs, they will be more familiar with your systems so that if the worst happens, they'll fix your problem faster.

Excellent Customer Care

Many IT companies offer a wide variety of services including server maintenance, network designing and monitoring, security compliance, data recovery, managed IT support and more. The best IT consultants in New York also offer 24/7 emergency service to provide afterhours support. But the real key is customer service - your IT consultant will become your IT partner, so it's a good idea to find a company that will work well with your organization and workflows.