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Problems of Gmail that usually every user faces and how to resolve those properly.

Artipot 2017-04-21 05:30:00
Google offers an email service for free and that is Gmail but, it has some plans for business users for that it gets paid. It is very popular globally and serves millions of people. It can be used through web browser or and is also available as an app to download.

Problems in sending emails - Users find that they are not able to send an email. When they try to send that so, they get a delivery fail mail that annoys them and becomes the difficulties in their work.
Not receiving the emails - They do not get new emails in their Gmail account or emails don't load. They just face loading option but, nothing happens. Due to this, users become unable to receive an urgent piece of information.

Inbox doesn't update - It is necessary to update the inbox because it the thing that shows the instant result of getting mails and all things. It keeps up the performance of account. However, it becomes unable to update that is the problem for the users.

Doesn't get notification of new emails - notification is very important to know what users are getting. But, somehow it doesn't work properly. These problems can easily be resolved by following some easy steps and paying attention towards some points.

Check the storage of your device - Space is very necessary to work any program properly because it needs that. If the device's storage is full or not has sufficient space then, the emails would not send or received by the users. Making space in your system will remove the problems.

Internet Connection - If the problems are still no then, users should ensure that they are getting proper internet connection or not. If internet connection is not good so get that and you will get rid of the issues.