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7 Years Ago, This Man Sued The Indian Railway For The Most Bizarre Reason And Now...

Wittyfeed 2017-04-21 17:50:00

The Indian Railway has no doubt come a long way over the years and has become very considerate about the needs of its customers. There have been glitches and aberrations but they're trying their best to solve each one of them to ensure the comfort of its users.

But back in 2009, something extreme happened with a man and his family that compelled him to sue the Indian Railway. 

Read on find out more!


Amritsar to New Delhi - Long, lonnnnggg journey.


Back in 2009, Dev Kant, the deputy legal advisor in the ministry of law and justice, was traveling from Amritsar to Delhi with his wife and two kids. The entire family could not use the loo for 90 minutes straight and that according to Dev was distressing, both, physically and mentally. 

Overcrowded train


Kant's basis of the complaint was that a huge crowd entered the train and occupied the empty compartments, by force, without any reservations. 

Those, who could find a place to sit, occupied the floor of the train and blocked the entire walking passage, up till the bathroom and wash basins.


Kant sued the Indian Railways.


Due to this, the Kant family could not use the loo for 1.5 hours straight, making them really uncomfortable. Kant took this incident to the court and filed a case against the Indian Railways. The judge handling the case ruled in the favour Kant, stating "It is the duty of railways to facilitate promised service to passengers". 



Finally, after 7 years, Kant was given a compensation of INR 30, 000 for the discomfort caused to him and his family. It took a lot of time but the wait was worth, no? It just needs someone self-aware of his rights and regulations to make such things happen.