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Prince William wants to go to Glastonbury

thespec 2017-04-21 22:38:44

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Prince William wants to go to the Glastonbury festival.

The 34-year-old royal - the grandson of Queen Elizabeth - had talked about going to the iconic music event, held at Somerset's Worthy Farm in South West England from June 23 to June 25 with his wife Duchess Catherine this year because they're both really "into" their music, but has decided to lie low after he was heavily criticised last month when a clip of him on holiday "dad dancing" emerged online.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 on Friday (04.21.17), he said: "Unfortunately it's quite tricky [to go to concerts]. I talked about going to Glastonbury because I am really into my music and Catherine as well. We talked about going to Glastonbury. I've got into enough trouble for my dancing recently so it's probably best to keep away from that."

Although they won't be hitting the fields for a boogie under the stars this summer, William and Catherine - who got married in 2011 - won't be short of things to do as they have admitted they're obsessed with box sets at the moment.

The prince said: "We're actually quite keen on box sets. We like to watch box sets ... We've watched 'Homeland', we're big fans of 'Homeland'. 'Games of Thrones' we've watched as well. Seems like everyone has seen it... "

In between watching their favourite dramas, the couple have to sit through children's shows for their three-year-old son George and 23-month-old daughter Charlotte.

He added: "We have to watch a lot of children's programmes. Some of them are really good but you have to pretend you're really into them because George gets really upset if you're not. 'Fireman Sam' is taking a lot of his attention."

And, although they no doubt have a family chef to prepare their meals for them, the pair have admitted they're partial to a greasy takeaway from time-to-time.

When asked if they eat takeaway, Catherine, 34, said: "Absolutely. We have a curry."

But William confirmed their food doesn't get delivered to Kensington Palace - where they reside in London - and, instead, a member of staff picks it up for them.

He said: "It doesn't get ordered to the palace. We go and pick it up, not ourselves."