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Dho Young-shim from South Korea among the participants in African conference

Global Travel And Tourism News 2017-04-21 23:14:10

Africa Tourism shined at the recently concluded 59th meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Africa by the UNWTO. Ministers from 49 countries attended this event organized at the legendary Addis Ababa Sheraton Hotel in the Addis Ababa.

Ambassador Madam Dho Young-shim from South Korea was among the participants. She has devoted 11 years of her life to Africa. Her latest initiative was the opening of 180 libraries in poor areas in Africa for community development and empowerment.

At its Millennium Summit in 2000, the United Nations acknowledged poverty as one of the biggest challenges in the world today and proposed as one of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) elimination of extreme poverty by 2015. The World Tourism Organization has responded to this challenge and opportunity by launching the ST-EP Initiative, which was announced at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.

Participants at the Africa conference got an opportunity to watch proud Ambassador Dho showing videos demonstrating the success of ST-EP. She is also a candidate for the upcoming UNWTO election for a new Secretary General.

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