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Police hunt for student 'who bludgeoned grandmother'

Asia Times 2017-05-19 22:06:56

Bangalore police say they have solved the mystery of an elderly woman whose body was found earlier this month in a cupboard sealed with plaster at a home in Gandhinagar.

The victim, identified as Shantha Kumari, was allegedly bludgeoned to death with a blunt instrument by her 25-year-old grandson, Sanjay, after he became angry because she refused food, according to the Bangalore Mirror.

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The murder, details of which were revealed to the police by Sanjay’s friend under questioning, took place seven months ago and police claim he had been living with her corpse. Police suspect that chemicals were used to control the stench.

A police officer was quoted as saying, “Sanjay has also cheated a few people in the Gandhi Nagar locality, where he was staying in a rented house with his mother, Shashikala, and grandmother Shantha Kumari. He had taken money from them, citing some problems at home.”

Police are hunting for Sanjay, an engineering student, and his mother, who disappeared in February.