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BJP fails to appoint leaders of House due to infighting

Asian Age 2017-05-19 03:23:00

New Delhi: Due to contention within the party, the Delhi BJP leadership has failed to nominate a leader of House in any of the three civic bodies. Notably, the AAP has already appointed leaders of Opposition in the three corporations. A senior party functionary said that this is the first time that a House meeting of two corporations was held without the leader of House.

“The leader of House is nominated along with the selection of the mayor, deputy mayor, and members of the standing committee. But for the first time, the party has failed to do so in North and South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s first meeting. May be the party will be able to appoint a leader of House in East Delhi Municipal Corporation before the start of its first meeting on Monday,” he added.

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari told this newspaper that within a day or two, the party will nominate a leader of House in all the three corporations.

“There are several capable councillors in the party and one of them will be appointed as the leader of House in each of the three civic bodies. Nothing should be read between the lines,” added Mr Tiwari.

Party sources, however, said that a decision was taken and the nominated councillors were informed but due to certain political developments within the party, it was withheld.

“A section of state leadership had communicated with three councillors that they were nominated as the leader of House in their respective corporation. But, after a few of them were found at a reception hosted by a senior party leader, their names were withheld. The party has also not issued any letter to the office of the municipal secretary confirming the appointment,” they said.  

Explaining the reason behind the delay in the announcement, a party insider said that the nomination of a councillor for the post of leader of House in a civic body is the sole prerogative of the state president, but that a section of state leaders are trying to intrude in his authority.

“All the goof ups has happened only because some senior state office bearers tried to encroach upon the rights of the state president,” the party insider said.

The leader of House is one of the key posts of the ruling party other than the mayor and the chairman of the standing committee. S/he, apart from managing the affairs at the floor of the House, also works as a link between the executive wing and the councillors. S/he also presents the final budget proposal of a corporation, which, after the approval of the House, is implemented in the next fiscal year.