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Modasta 2017-05-20 05:39:29

When is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

The safest time to travel when you are pregnant is during your second trimester, as long as you do not have any concerns or complications due to your pregnancy. The second trimester is ideal in the majority of the cases as you will be off the morning sickness and the susceptibility for abortion seen during the first trimester. The embryo will be more stable in the second trimester. Further, you will be way ahead of the third trimester, where one can have a premature delivery due to travel-related factors. If your pregnancy is a high-risk one, consult your doctor before undertaking any journey.

Pregnancy and air travel

Before undertaking air travel, discuss with your doctor about any potential risks to your pregnancy. Women with multiple pregnancy and gestational diabetes are not advised to fly.

  • Many airlines permit flying until the 8th month, in the 9th month, you need to produce a permission letter from your doctor.
  • Premature labour could be triggered during air travel in the last six weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Book an aisle seat if possible for easy access to the toilet and ease of getting up and stretching your legs in a long duration flight. Hold on to the back of seats while walking down the aisle in case any turbulence is encountered.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and gas-producing foods before and during your flight.
  • Wear your seatbelt below your hipbones, bellow the belly.
  • If you suffer from nausea, ask your doctor to prescribe anti-nausea medication, that you can carry along.

Things to keep in mind during train travel in pregnancy

  • Trains allow for more space to walk around. You must hold on to the rails to avoid falling.
  • Limit your travel time to 5-6 hours and perform stretches to keep the blood circulating.
  • If you are going alone, carry only as much luggage as you can carry and use a suitcase with wheels to pull along than lifting them. You can hurt your back if you lift heavy weights.
  • Do not cross over to other bogies especially in a moving train.
  • Select a seat that faces the direction of the travel and select a lower birth. Speak to the people around or concerned to swap your seat and explain your situation, in case you are unable to get the right seat.
  • Carry necessary medication with you.
  • Do not attempt to board a running train. Reach well in time to avoid crowd and jostles while boarding the train.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry enough water and food for your travel duration.

How do I plan a road trip?

  • Ensure your travel times are short. Plan your travel route which is free of potholes, to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Plan frequent breaks to stretch your legs and move around.
  • If travelling in a car, buckle up your seatbelt below your belly and on the hipbones.

Speak to your doctor

Contact you doctor in case you are planning a journey and have other concerns and questions as well. Your doctor will be the best person to assess your condition and advice about your travel plans.

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