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Bhopal: Copy it: Prodigy’s open challenge

Free Press Journal 2017-05-20 06:38:08

Bhopal: “I cannot put any of my work into real life because I don’t have patent for any of them but I have openly challenged people to copy my work, which they haven’t been able to”, said final year Mechanical engineering student, Vipin Verma of Patel College. Vipin has developed over 50 devices which he claims can save a lot of human efforts, time, energy and natural resources like water, electricity, etc. Vipin claims that his projects, if implemented in real life can bring drastic change. “I have made a mobile charging device which is a prepaid power supply. It can be used at public places where mobile charging facilities are not available”, he said.

Vipin has also developed a save water, save electricity device, which is wireless, working on radio frequency and can save from wasting gallons of water. He has also made a wireless mobile charger. “I have fixed the mechanism under the back cover of which is used to charge the phone. There is a charger, on which you will have to keep your phone. In this, the mobile back cover works as a receiver and the charger works as a transmitter”, he explains. He has also created remote controller for controlling home appliances through server. He has also made a laser security device, the idea he perceived from movie ‘Dhoom2’. It took him three months to develop the device. Besides, Vipin also developed a women security gun, which gives shock of DC volt for microseconds to the attacker, mind massager. Interestingly, all these devices are created at very cheap rates using just science.

“The Laser security device costs just Rs70 and so are the other devices. I myself cannot spend much on these devices and that is why I make them at such cheaper rates”, he says. About his interest for machines and devices, he says, “My father is an electrician and since childhood I had this hobby of doing something or the other out of machines. I started working on developing my own devices since I was in second year of my college”.

He has put all of his invented devices on Youtube channel, where they are available for everyone and where is has openly challenged to develop the same design by seeing the video of the working devices. “It is almost two years now, nobody has challenged my devices”, he adds. Vipin, lacking knowledge of how to get patents, says, “I have no idea about how to get patents for my devices. Somebody said that it will take Rs 1 lakh, while another person said that it would require Rs 80,000. Somebody said that they will get the patent for me but I was reluctant to trust anyone. Also, I don’t get the time to do thorough research on patents so right now I am just focusing on my studies and my work”.

Vipin has also written a book ‘summer projects’ and has received more than 45 awards for his devices. “The greatest moment till now was receiving an award from our chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan”, he said. Presently preparing for his exams, Vipin is also working on other projects like electricity generating wall, auto rotate wind mill and underground cool air duct.