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Hyderabad rallies to save Parade Ground

Deccan Chronicle 2017-05-20 06:43:00

Hyderabad: Over 1,000 walkers, health enthusiasts, sportspersons and regulars to Parade Ground have stepped up against the KCR government for eyeing the largest and only lung space in Secunderabad. In a signature protest, many criticised the TRS government’s plan to build Secretariat at Parade Ground, calling it ‘unnecessary’. By occupying the 12-acre open space; this busy zone will become congested due to VIP movement, restricted to common man, changing the face of Secunderabad.

On a weekday, close to 2,000 Hyderabadis use the ground (morning and evening), while the count doubles up during the weekend. The regular ones met at Parade Ground on Friday morning and signed a signature protest ‘Save Parade Grounds’. The signature protest raises numerous questions. Some walkers find it hard to believe that the Army had agreed to give away a massive piece of their prime property.  

Ms Vandhana Sinha, a regular walker, said, “Has the government even bothered to ask its voters about this plan before they negotiated with the Army. Why is the TRS government hunting after public space? Hyderabad has expanded beyond Hitech city; they should look for land in new corridors, not the core city.”  Another walker Mr S.S. Shetty added, “Already the city’s open space is shrinking, thanks to land sharks. This move will strip Hyderabad off the last of its open space. There is sufficient space in the present Secretariat, since offices belonging to Andhra Pradesh administration have shifted. Why does the government not make use of it, rather than building a new secretariat.”

Parade Ground is the only place that hosts Independence Day parade and Republic Day parade in the state capital. Regular goers will form a human chain on Saturday morning at Parade Ground to protest against the government move.