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Maharashtra agrees to release 3 TMC of water to Karnataka

All India Radio 2017-05-20 08:24:50

Maharashtra government has agreed to release 3 TMC of water to Karnataka from today to mitigate the severe drinking water problem faced in Vijayapura, Bhagalkot and Belgaum districts in the state.

Karnataka Minister for Water Resources M B Patil has issued a statement that Principal Secretary met his Maharashtra counterpart in Mumbai yesterday with an appeal to release 4 tmc of water. However Maharashtra has agreed to release about 3 tmc of water.

The release of water from Koyna reservoir will reach the state through Krishna river basin. The northern districts in the state are reeling under severe drought and the water released from Maharashtra will provide much needed drinking water.

Both the states have also decided to implement inter-state Doodhganga irrigation project for which Karnataka has paid 36 crore rupees advance. This will help rain dependent farmers hit by drought in north Karnataka to carry out agriculture.