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Women do not tell their partner about their private parts, these things!

Shaikh Tanzeer 2017-07-17 21:23:09

Something like this can be said on the basis of the results of this survey in many cities of the country. The survey was done between married women between 25 and 35 years of age. In spite of being the urban women, it was found in the survey that 93 per cent of the women did not come clean on the standards of cleanliness. Surprisingly, knowing that every other woman in the survey told that she does not share things with her partner about her health and cleanliness.                       Google Image

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40 percent of women are vaginal infections. About 60 percent of women think that there is no need to do medical checkup for this. 90 percent of women in Mumbai believe that they are influenced by the vaginal infections. Their daily life, four out of 10 women told that they Once in his life suffers with Vaginitis (a type of infection).
44 per cent in Mumbai, 42 per cent in Delhi and 36 per cent were found in Bengaluru in 19 per cent, 11 per cent in Mumbai and 8 per cent in Bengaluru, they said that they share such problems. What are the vaginal infections from your Hussband? , Irritation etc. during eching and urine.

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