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Why does Team India don the blue jersey?

Sports Wallah 2017-08-11 13:54:00

 Team India over the years - be it men or women - have been donning the blue jersey when they play limited-overs cricket – be it in the ODI format or the T20I format. But do you know why they put on the blue jersey? Most countries choose the colours of their jerseys based on the colours of their national flag. For instance, Pakistan have the green jersey as green is the primary colour of their flag. However, some nations like New Zealand have the black jerseys as they have the name “Black Caps,” which comes as no surprise as their rugby team is referred to as “All Blacks”.

India's jerseys have transformed over the years, but they have always had blue as their main colours. India, on the other hand, have saffron, white and green as their three colours, yet their jerseys are blue. The reason behind this is that the Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the national flag is navy blue. The Ashoka Chakra has 24 spokes, which can be spotted in the middle of the flag, with the white background.

Be it the side that won the 1985 World Championship or the ICC Champions Trophy 2013, all the teams have donned the blue jersey. Right from Kapil Dev and now to Virat Kohli, all of them have had the honour of putting on the blue jersey for India, having won many laurels for the nation. The future stars too will have the honour of putting on the same coloured jersey. 




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