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This Snake is Sold for Crores of Money to Increase Intimacy Power

Lifeberrys 2017-09-13 12:54:08
Pinki Wed, 13 Sept 2017 12:54 PM

Today we are going to tell about a snake whose value is 2 to 3 crores in the black market. Golden brown color and slow speeded this snake is known by the name of Red Sand Boa. The price of this snake in black market is more than even BMW X 6 and Mercedez Benz X Class. This is the reason it is in very much demand in the Indian market. Lets read about few facts about this snake.

# There are many myths related to the benefits of red sand boa eating from China to Gulf countries.

# Red Sand Boa is made in China's traditional medicine to make sex-enhancing drugs. Along with this, people also eat their meat to increase strength.

# There is a belief in the Gulf country that eating it harder than the difficult disease is removed and the man is always young.

# Some people believe that by eating it after special Tantric actions, man becomes the master of supernatural powers.

# It is also believed that in its leather, an element named Iridium is found which is valuable.

# People believe that eating meat of it also gives freedom from AIDS-like illness.

# In India, this snake is seen by linking the god of wealth to Kuber, which is why its philosophy is considered auspicious. Along with that Red Sand Boa is also used in Tantrik Kriya.

# The price of red sand boa in black market is fixed according to its size and weight. Smugglers feed the snake to steel bullets to gain weight.

# Smugglers buy snakes from a snake charmer and carry it out of the country through Nepal. It is smuggled to China, Southeast, Asian countries and Gulf countries.

# The cost of a snake up to 2-3 kg can be around Rs. 3-5 crore. The price is low as per the availability of the customer.

# Red sand boa is poisonous and shy. The snake, which gets active in the night, is dull, because of which people catch it easily.

# This snake likes to live in Baluwai land. These snakes mostly live in farms and hunt rats.

# Red Sand Boa is the organism of Schedule-4 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. There is absolutely restriction on keeping, catching, killing and trading.

# This snake is on the brink of extinction due to hunting. There are not many attempts to conserve it. The people
Greedy for money and hold it to the traders.

# Some people catch the villagers under the guise of protecting them from snakes and smugglers.

# According to the Snake - Wild Life Trust of India, there is no scientific basis for eating the meat of red sand boah or the benefits of the medicine made from it. All this is just superstition and, sadly, these snakes are being killed due to superstitions. Today this species of snake has reached the brink of desolation.