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Telugu - 3rd Most Spoken Language in US!

Tupaki English 2017-10-10 14:44:00

A Survey conducted in 2016 and released in September 2017 earned the status of 3rd Most Spoken Indian Language in US for Telugu. While Hindi occupied the Top Spot, Gujarati is placed in the second position.  

As per American Community Survey, About 3,65,566 people above the age of five speak Telugu in US. This is just 0.12% of US Population (30,33,28,961) over the age of five. Telugu has beaten Tamil & Bengali in the count of speakers. And the Telugu language is 20th Most Spoken Language in the US.

Number of Speakers for all Indic and Dravidian Languages is 35,51,455. Although, 4,24,482 people speak Urdu in US. Not all of them are from India as Pakistanis too speak that language.

However, Telugu People in US weren't happy with the survey results. They feel the figures doesn't reflect the actual situation and Telugu deserves a much better position as over 50 percent of Visas since 2001 were granted for Telugus.