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64 years after Air India's nationalisation, Tata Group looking at bid to fly its bird back home.

News check 2017-10-11 13:13:36

The Tata Group, which founded Air India 85 years ago, was forced to abandon control. He said it would be auction for a government-run airline.

If Air India gets it, it is 64 years for nationalization.

Tata Sons, head of the Tata Sons, told the TV channel that TATA Air India was "definitely bar" after the private agency process ended.

Already with two small airlines in India, Tata and Singapore Airlines are Malaysia's AirAsia PT. It is unclear how to sell a sale.

With this action, the entire region will come, not only the apology of government owned enterprises, but also decades of socialist policies, India's domestic trade groups refuse to fade.

Tata Sons set up Tata Airlines in 1932. The famous businessman JRR Tata flew the first flight between Karachi and Bombay. In 1946, Tata Airlines became a public company and changed to Air India.

JRD was flying with Tata. According to the company's website, he was the first person to fly into India. On 10th February 1929, he was appointed as 1 lakh owner. He was a lander and a predecessor, who brought the trade flight to India. In 1948, JRD was established to establish Air-International International. Air India headed the International Air Transport Association (IASA) leader in 1978, within 10 years of its airport. It is the best airline in the world.

In 1953, when Air India was nationalized via "spinal cord", Tata himself said it was one of the best airplanes in the world. Tata's dream industry, she has built the menu and curtains with a bit of personal care. When Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru learned about Nehru's decision, he assassinated Tappi. Tata wrote to Nehru: "I'm really struggling to have an algorithm that we do not get proper training."

Tata accepted the head of the nationalized airline. Air India maintained well for him to be removed by Prime Minister Morarji Desai in 1977.

Today, Air India has become a symbol of complete inability for business. It is burdened with a huge debt. Growing debt is because the government wants to leave Air India. Narendra Modi government has invested over Rs 16,000 crore since coming to power in 2014, and the federal government is no longer interested in keeping the airport as a small sign of renaissance.D

DoTata Group buy Air India for emotional reasons? Despite no credit and functional chaos, it still has great value. Many people see through their debt and spread. It flies from India to 118 passengers, according to General Director General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation. It is only 18 mornings in Mumbai that stop parking stations at airports in New York, Chicago and London.

Besides, the Carrier Star Alliance is part of the World Group. Air India's domestic market share is 13%, with 75% of its capacity being used for international flights.

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