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This Simple Way To Speed Up Your Smartphone Will Be Super Fast

JD Xpres 2017-10-13 00:26:14

Routon has now become an important device for everyone. Many times this smartphone hangs or becomes slow for useful work. There are many problems that cause wear. The headache does not end with the call to take the necessary work. But you know that in some simple way you can get rid of this suffering. You do not have to download an app or go to the service center for this. The solution to this problem is on your phone. Let's see what that means-

First, change a setting. And your phone's speed will be fast. There are several such settings on our phones and we do not know much about these settings, because we do not use it. But let us tell you how you can make your phone fast once you change a setting.

To increase your smartphone's speed, first you have to go to your phone's settings. And then tap the update option below. After that, a build number will appear, tap 5-7 times in it. After that, the option of the developer will be opened in mobile settings, tap it. Here you can see 3 option window triangle scales, animator durations scale and simulator scanner display.

Then tap these three options one by one. This animation uses a lot of data on our phones, using its RAM and memory, which makes the smartphone slow. After that you turn on the phone and now your phone's speed will be fixed.

Image Copyright: Google Image