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Severe implications if govt fails to break mystery, warns KCSDS

Kashmir Reader 2017-10-13 00:28:00

SRINAGAR: Warning the government of severe implications in the coming days, the Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) on Thursday said that the unabated braid-chopping incidents might turn into a “big disaster” for the government as there have been “no serious efforts” from them to solve the mystery.
Holding a sit-in protest in Srinagar, KCSDS members said that public anger is accumulating and may explode in coming days in the form of another uprising if the government fails to act on time.
“More than three weeks have passed and around 100 incidents have occurred all across Kashmir, but the administration, especially the police, are claiming to be clueless of any culprit so far. Had it been some isolated incidents, we would have understood it, but the incidents are unabatedly going on everywhere in Kashmir,” said organisation member Shakeel Qalander.
He said that the government is not sincerely following this mystery that has actually become a nuisance for Kashmiri society, especially for our womenfolk. Qalander said that the mystery holds the potential to trigger another uprising as people are hitting the roads to protest against the government.
“Though we don’t know who is behind these incidents, but all fingers are raised against the government for their non-seriousness and casual approach towards this grave issue. The government should act immediately before it is too late,” he said. The KCSDS members threatened to intensify their agitation if the government fails to unravel this mystery.
Earlier, the government placed the KCSDS chairperson, Prof Hameeda Nayeem under house arrest to prevent her from participating in Thursday’s sit-in protest.



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