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October 13: Your daily horoscope

Newsroom Post-English 2017-10-13 12:25:01


Ganesha says that your day will be full of mental anxiety. Control your emotions. There may be excitement and romance in the air today. You may meet someone and get into connection instantly. Special attention to mother’s health is needed.


You feel relaxing at home today, perhaps by making some changes in your place will make you more comfortable and attractive. You can add the new picture or some cushions to change your room energy. You will travel to the fantasy world owing to increase in your imagination power. Give more attention to financial things. Gourmet meals can also be found. You can get perfect meals as per your like today.


Your thinking may become more rigorous than usual. There may be a delay in completing the work, however, continue the effort so your tasks will be completed as you want. Today the Moon is in your sign dancing with Jupiter that makes you generous and extravagant.


You spend quality time with friends and relatives. There are chances of migration or travel. You can have tasty food today and you will get economic benefits.


Ganesha says that due to more emotions, you will feel anxiety in your mind. Women have to be more careful and avoid unnecessary controversy. Carefully proceed to the court case. Have patience and discretion in practice.


Today is a day of joy and happiness for you. Ganesha says you will get benefits in diverse areas. The role of female friends in this will be important. Good news will come from children.


Ganesha says that day is auspicious for you. There will be a favorable environment in the job and business field. Seniors may discuss some important things with you. You may get benefits from the mother and you will get success in government work.


Work carefully in business and job because seniors may give negative comment due to which you get hurt. There will be differences with children. Avoid making important decisions today if possible. There is a possibility of expenditure.


Avoid starting any new work today, Ganesha says. Control on your speech and emotions. More sensitivity can disturb your mind. Take care of health. Stay away from unethical relations and forbidden activities. Meditation, Yoga will keep the mind calm.


Ganesha says that the day will be auspicious for you. There will be many possibilities of expansion in the business sector. Maybe you get increment in brokerage, commission, interest area. Your values and reputation may increase.


Ganesha says that the day will be pleasant for you. You will achieve success in the work. Your day will be well with the family. Physical and mental health will be good.


You become more creative today. Today you will tour the world of literature due to your imagination power. The day is very favorable for students. You get more emotional today.