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New Footage & Photos Show Giants Fan Being Tasered By Police at Levi’s Stadium (PICS + VID)

Indi Lens 2017-11-14 02:24:24

Image via Getty

Yesterday, we posted a video of what we thought was a Giants fan being tackled by Levi’s Stadium security while trying to run onto the field.  Now, new footage from the incident has surfaced, and it shows that wasn’t the case…

Not even close.

What really happened was a couple of Giants fans were becoming unruly.  According to fans in the area (via, they were loud, drunk, and cursing.  When officers came to take them away, they resisted and tried fighting back.  One witness even claims they tried spitting on an officer.

At this point, it appears as though the officers figured their best bet to contain the fan was to throw him over the railing and onto the field, because that’s what they did.

Here’s the footage that shows how it all played out:

It didn’t end there.

Photos from Getty Images captured the scene on the field, which included the use of a taser, and a pretty tight rear-naked choke:

This wasn’t the only “L” for the G-Men on the day.  They were also beaten by the 49ers, 31-21.