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Multi level parking yet to start in Chennai area

News Today 2017-11-14 10:51:00

Multi level parking yet to start in Chennai area

NT Bureau November 14, 2017 0

Chennai: The much expected multi-level parking facility announced by the civic body as part of its smart city project is yet to kick off in the busy Pondy Bazaar area at T Nagra in the city.

The area earmarked for the facility near Thanikachalam Street is in idle condition and raise doubts in the minds of the locals about its implementation.

“When senior officials from the civic body visited the spot several times, we thought the facility will become a reality but nothing fruitful has been done on the issue,”’ said Sachidanantham, a resident of Sivaparakasam Street.

“‘During festivals, we residents suffer a lot when the shoppers park their vehicles in the nearby streets to suit their convenience,”’ he added.

The multi-level facility if introduced quickly will also benefit the vendors of the area, as they are clueless in providing parking facilities for their customers.