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Young Politician Caught In Sex CD

Cine Josh 2017-11-14 11:51:00

The young and dynamic person behind Patel reservation movement,, Mr Hardik Patel became the center of attraction in the midst of Gujarat assembly elections. Yes, a sex CD featuring Hardik Patel is creating ripples in political circles.

Hardik Patel is currently on full swing against the ruling BJP government and is attracting voters with his ferocious speeches. At this moment, BJP circles leaked this video as a breather to boost their campaign against Hardik. In the process of going against BJP, Hardik won hearts in the opposition Congress party.

Hardik, however categorically denied that he is not the person in the footage and that it was morphed somewhere outside the country. The CD was reportedly recorded on May 16. He also lambasted at BJP's petty politics for going overboard and advised them to stop insulting Gujarati woman. Hardik expressed his confidence on Gujarat voters that they know what type of person he is and he can't succumb to cheap politics.

Elections in Gujarat are scheduled to happen in between December 9 and December 18 in different phases. Results will be out by the last week. We will have to wait and see if it is BJP or Congress... who will celebrate Happy New Year.