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Telangana's Proffessor attends international food conference as chief guest

SocialPost 2017-11-14 18:13:23

It’s a rare moment to acknowledge and appreciate the work of our scientists throughout our country. While the entire world is busy with discussing and debating the commentary of politics and cinema, so people make us stand proudly in front of the international crowd, by their wonderful contributions in their field for the welfare of the mankind.

Here, is Prof. Devi prasad juvvadi, the director of Center for Good Governance from Telangana who made it happen again.He is invited as a chief guest for the international conference on Food science and technology that is being held in the Rome, Italy. Scientists and policymakers from more than 35 countries deliberated an enormous challenge, food security. Here, he delivered a keynote and expressed that food loss and wastage is one of the important manifestations of the inefficiencies that plague food systems in the world and stressed that reducing food losses and wastage is the key for food security.

In a world where 1.29 billion people earn less than 1.25 US dollars a day, a world where 870 million people suffer from hunger and the world global population is growing every day, food security is a pressing and urgent issue, Prof. Devi Prasad said.

Prof. Devi Prasad Says that globally around 1.3 billion tons of food is lost and wasted per year equivalent to 24% of food produced. With growing resource constraints and need to increase global agricultural production by 70% by 2050, reducing losses and waste becomes a key element in sustainable global development. He explained that the challenge can be met and for food security, reducing food loss and wastage is far more efficient approach than expanding food production. He also explained about India’s initiatives in reducing food losses and wastage at various levels of the agricultural cycle, later in his speech.