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Police believe Florida serial killer has struck again

Reuters 2017-11-14 21:33:21

Police believe the suspected Tampa serial killer has struck again. The latest victim was shot and killed early Tuesday morning in the neighborhood of Seminole Heights. That's the same community where three other victims were murdered within days of each other last month. SOUNDBITE: TAMPA POLICE CHIEF BRIAN DUGAN, SAYING: 8:01:34 "I believe this person lives in this neighborhood and I need everyone's cooperation. We need everyone to pay attention to what's going on in their neighborhood." Police say the latest victim -- 60-year-old Ronald Felton -- was crossing the street to meet someone when the suspect came up from behind and shot him. SOUNDBITE: TAMPA POLICE CHIEF BRIAN DUGAN, SAYING: 8:01:05 "Our suspect is a black male, thin build, dressed in all black, wearing a baseball cap." Last month, police released surveillance video showing a person of interest walking in the area where the first victim -- Benjamin Mitchell -- was gunned down on October 9th. Four days later, Monica Hoffa's body was found in a vacant lot less than a mile away. Then, almost a week later, police say Anthony Naiboa was shot and killed after taking the wrong bus home from work. SOUNDBITE: TAMPA MAYOR BOB BUCKHORN, SAYING: 8:02:49 "This has got to stop and we will hunt this person down until we find them." Police say a witness in the latest shooting has told nvestigators that, had they arrived at the scene just seconds earlier, they would've been able to catch the suspect.