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Techypin 2017-11-17 14:09:37

“Anna” is free voice assistant extension for Google Chrome browser. Once installed, Anna can be summoned by saying “Hey” followed by the command, just like how you would talk to other assistants on your computers or mobile devices.

As of now, Anna supports a dozen actions. These include searching on Google, Closing a tab, weather, opening websites and more. It functions in the background. Hence you won’t ever face pop-ups or any other sort of animation at all. Anna can also randomly generate a motivational quote. Also, Anna integrated with a few more essential websites. For instance, You can compose mail, send a tweet, ask for direction on Google Maps, Play specific Youtube Video and more.

Know about what ANNA voice assistant can do:

  • Small Talks
  • Search Optimized
  • Youtube: Play youtube video by working in the background.
  • Maps: Show a Google Map and desired locations.
  • Open a website: Start exploring any sites by giving a command like “Hey open facebook”.
  • Tweet: Easy tweet your post on twitter with your voice.
  • Motivate: Gives you motivational quotes to make you more energetic.
  • Mailing: Compose mail from default mail account.
  • Find places: Find desire places from google maps and shows results.
  • Weather information: Shows real-time weather information or updates.

Anna Voice Assistant is developed by an India-based team. Also, Anna’s voice, accent, accentuates that even future. Because of this, Users will not encounter any speech issues and the extension was able to recognize their command every time. If in case Anna is unable to understand a particular command, It just goes up a web search like every other virtual assistant does out there.

Anna Voice Assistant is totally free of cost. And anyone can download it from Chrome Web Store.

Here we have a demo video of Anna Voice  Assistant for Google Chrome Browser:

Anna Assistant.

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