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Top 4 Sex Gifts EVERY Boyfriend Dreams Of!

DaRavi 2017-12-05 16:48:53

The at our mercy sexathon  We like our girlfriends in charge but we also love them at our mercy. A weekend of sex - the way we want it (within reason, of course) and how many ever times we want it - best, best, BEST!

The blind show 

There is something to be said for playing with one’s senses during sex… It’s like discovering a new level of sex just with you - and a blindfold!

The after sex sexy time  Sure, we're pretty spent after sex. But even in that state, we would never say no to some sexytime. A lap dance or a sensual massage would stay on our minds for days!!

Making our number one fantasy come true In every relationship there comes a time when you share fantasies. You don't have to necessarily work on them - it's just a way of knowing each other better. But if it were to come true… There's just no better gift than this, trust us.

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