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Bhopal: Students of medical, technical colleges demand elections

Free Press Journal 2017-12-06 08:44:00

Bhopal: The students of technical, medical and other professional education colleges and universities have raised the demanded for student union elections in their institutions.

Without student bodies, they feel they are not represented well and administration doesn’t listen to them. Students think that student unions will provide a platform from where they can create pressure on administration to improve facilities.

State’s government and private colleges have already held student union elections in October and November this year following the order of higher education department.

Free press talked to the students of technical, medical and professional universities and colleges in the city. Excerpts of what they said.

Kunal Raikwar, a student of BA LLB (Hon) eighth semester of National Law Institute University, demanded that union elections should be held in all the institutes regularly. “Student union provides us a platform to strongly put our demands in front of administration. Without union, we don’t have the required strength to pressurise the administration,” he said.

Deepshikha, a final year student of BE IT in Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, said that student union office bearers can convey students’ problems in a more effective way before teachers, staff and administration. “Also, without union we cannot strongly demand to hold extra-curricular activities, which are necessary for students’ over all development,” she remarked.

Sonali Singh, a first-semester student of post-graduation at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, said, “Student union elections help in developing leadership in students. It also provides a platform to represent ourselves with confidence before university management. Through union, our thoughts, views, complaints, problems reach easily before administration.” Shantanu, a second year student of Gandhi Medical College, expressed similar views.