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Can you spot the leopard about to pounce?

Daily Mirror 2017-12-06 21:56:13

A camouflaged snow leopard proved to be very difficult to spot as it crept up behind unsuspecting prey in India.

Wildlife photographer captured what at first appears to be a photo of a herd of blue sheep, nonchalantly gathering on the side of a rocky slope.

But a closer look reveals a snow leopard hidden somewhere in the frame.

Incredibly, the sheep notice the leopard just as it jumps out to attack, and they safely run away from their predator.

When examining photos of the incident , the lonesome male leopard can be hard to spot as he lurks behind the oblivious herd, waiting for the optimum time to strike.

Virtually invisible in the center of the shot, the lonesome male leopard can just about be seen peering from behind a collection of rocks and shrubbery: a scene that would even give 'Where's Wally' a run for its money. (Daily Mail)

Vandyke, the general manager of Wild Images UK, who spent several days following the fleeting feline in February, said: 'When I look at this image, I often find myself wondering how many leopards we must have walked past in the field and never actually saw. (Daily Mail)