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Moscow blames the US for seeking to recruit their Journalists

Telugu Bullet English 2017-12-07 13:07:40

Moscow blames the US for seeking to recruit their Journalists!

Posted Today at 13:07 (1 minute ago) 

Russia blamed US intelligence for seeking to recruit Russian journalists working in the country on Wednesday after Washington and Moscow passed laws tagging each other’s media as “foreign agents”.

Russia’s foreign affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted by the Interfax agency as saying, that in the recent Russian journalists, including those residing in the US, have come under tremendous pressure from the special services, notably through attempts at recruitment.

‘This is nothing short of aggression. An aggression in terms of intelligence, not only towards Russia but also an infringement on the choice of expression throughout the world’ says Maria.

The allegations surprisingly came the same day Russian lawmakers voted to ban US media, labelled it as ‘foreign agents’ rejecting an access to the lower house of parliament in reply to the US Congress stripping state channel RT of its authorizations.

Russia though strongly denied allegations of Moscow’s interference in US Presidential elections last year, was banned over a row in the latest development of events.

Around 20 American media outlets recognized to work in Russia, according to the website of the foreign ministry that keeps the register and issues documents to journalists. Those branded as foreign agents will have to present their, all paperwork and submit to the intensive scrutiny of their staffing and financing.

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