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Korean McGregor beats player with his toe

FOX Sports 2017-12-07 17:29:22

eSports star Lim Hong-Gyu took winning to a whole new level when he won a tournament using his toes.

Lim, dubbed the ‘Korean McGregor’ for his brilliance, went toe-to-toe with Luo Xian in the final of the Zotac Cup Masters Starcraft: Remastered event in the United States on Sunday.

But the final was a totally one-sided affair, with Lim, who was live on stream, using the toes on his left foot to operate the keyboard while his right hand remained on the mouse as he defeated Luo.

"You should only do it against people that you are 100 percent confident of beating with your feet," commented the South Korean after the victory.

However, his opponent was not amused…

"What kind of fun could you have got from this or is this to win some idiot fans?” lamented Luo on Weibo.

"When I first heard about you, I thought you got the success you deserve for your efforts. I thought that was inspiring. Now I see that I was blind. Your behaviour is just that of a clown. This is the difference between you and a champion player. Trash."

In a statement released by Zotac Cup officials, they revealed that Lin would be excluded from future events.