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Tax Migration, Reading the News and Burritos

Bloomberg 2017-12-07 17:54:01

My "that was incredibly fun" morning train reads:

  • How Not to Run a Sovereign Wealth Fund (Bloomberg View)
  • One Potential Winner From Tax Overhaul: Corporate Bonds (Wall Street Journal)
  • Ray Dalio: Watch Out for the Effects of Tax Reform on Tax Migration, the Fiscal Conditions of Affected States and Cities, and Polarity in America (LinkedIn)
  • Entrepreneurs Are Betting on a Billion-Dollar Future for Hemp (Bloomberg)
  • Morgan Housel: How to Read Financial News (Collaborative Fund)
  • Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers? (the Guardian); see also Low Food Prices Are Hurting Farm State Economies (Wall Street Journal)
  • It’s Amazon’s World — But Do You Want to Live There? A reporter goes on an all-Amazon products and services diet (Wall Street Journal)
  • Bad News for the Highly Intelligent (Scientific American)
  • The story behind Minnesota's Viking (ESPN)
  • Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito (Medium)

What are you reading?

Amazon's Early Christmas Bonus

Source: Wall Street Journal

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