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Why is the color of sea water blue?

Scroll kmr 2018-01-06 23:03:27


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Scroll kmr: Hello friends, i welcome you again to your favourite channel. Friends today I have come up with more important informative questions which will surely help you in all competitive exams you face in your daily life.

Question: Instrument used to study the behaviour of a vibrating string is?

Answer: Sonometer

Question: Greenhouse effect is the heating up of the Earth's atmosphere which is due to?

Answer: Ultrasonic waves

Question: Which quantity doesn't have any effect on velocity of Sound?

Answer: Pressure

Question: Which waves does Bats use to detect the the obstacles in their flying path?

Answer: Ultrasound waves

Question: The blue color of water in the sea is due to?

Answer: Absorption of other colours except blue by water molecules. This means that when the light falls on the the sea water, all the colors are absorbed but the blue color is reflected back, which gives the water blue color?

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