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Dog with eye injury abandoned | Delhi News-Record

Delhi News-Record 2018-01-10 05:56:08

This black and tan rottweiler was found abandoned on Erie Ave. South near Concession 5 Road in Fisherville Jan. 5. Anyone with information regarding the incident is being asked to contact the Welland SPCA. Contributed Photo


The Welland and District SPCA is looking for owners of a rottweiler with an injured eye that was left in Fisherville.

At about 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, an SPCA officer was dispatched to Erie Ave. South near Concession 5 Road where a black and tan female rottweiler, estimated to be between 6-7 years-of-age, had been abandoned.

It's believed the dog was released from a white, older model four-door car. In the vehicle were a man and women. The woman is described to be in her late 40s with blonde hair while the man was also in his late 40s with brown hair and a goatee.

The dog was taken into SPCA custody and treated for its injuries.

“We've had a lot of calls and we have followed up on them, as of right now nothing has panned out,” John Greer, executive director with the Welland SPCA, said Tuesday afternoon.

Greer urged the public to continue to provide information if at all possible.

“We may get a call from, say, a neighbour who knows who the owner is and has seen the dog in the backyard or out for a walk,” he added. “(With) anything like that, absolutely we encourage the public to call us.”

The dog's left eye is swollen and red, likely due to a pre-existing injury, Greer said. After being examined, it was determined a cut in its mouth led to the swollen eye. The cost for her rescue and treatment to this point is an estimated $500.

“This is easy for people to miss – we've got to be careful that we don't just jump on everybody for this, how often do you look inside your dog's mouth?” Greer said. “This is an assumption on the veterinarian and our part, the dog maybe grabbed a stick and the stick went through the roof of the mouth, but it was allowed to continue so it actually abscessed inside the roof of the mouth which has caused the abscess into the eye.”

A dose of antibiotics has been administered. If they don't work the eye might need to be removed, but Greer suspects she'll have no long-term effects otherwise.

“We get a lot of animals like this with abscesses in their eyes so we would just remove the eye, sew it up and she would be right as rain,” he added.

Given the dog's age and its loving attitude towards people, this likely isn't a case of a family getting a new animal at Christmas only to regret their decision weeks later.

“We're honestly thinking it's an infection that's gotten out of control. It's affected the eye and maybe the owners don't have the funds to treat the dog,” Greer said. “Our biggest message is, don't take the dog and drop it at the side of a roadway. Reach out to the different humane societies in your area and we can see if we can help out, or we can reach out to different groups to get some help.”

Should animal owners be unable to care for their pets, they do have the option of surrendering them to the SPCA. Simply leaving them on the side of the road can create a very dangerous situation.

“You take a family pet and drop it on a roadway where you've got traffic and different people chasing it, that can end really badly for the animal,” Greer said.

Anyone with information can contact investigators at 905-735-1552 ext. 210.