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Top 5 Best South Indian Movies in 2017

Top 5's 2018-01-10 17:03:53

South Indian Movies are evolving every year and this year too many great and record breaking movies were released. So here are top 5 best South Indian movies in 2017.

5) Spyder

This movie mostly looks like a mere rip off of some Hollywood movies but it has its own great significance with a very good tweak of thrill but the only thing wrong about this movie is the excessive action scenes but if the action is neglected than this is a very good movie which is a must watch. Its about an intelligence officer who must use his skills and intellect if he hopes to take down a psychotic terrorist who is wreaking havoc in the city.
4) Fidaa

This movie has a very good plot and direction. Its a very beautiful romantic movie which is just a great one. Its about an NRI medical student, and a vivacious girl fall in love with each other, but their personal differences create complications.

3) Vikram Vedha

This is one of best suspense mystery movie in India. This movie is very thrilling with a great plot and all the actors did a splendid job. Its about a no-nonsense police officer, accompanied by Simon, his partner, is on the hunt to capture a smuggler and a murderer. The smuggler tries to change the officer's life, which leads to a conflict.

2) Mersal

This is just a great movie with a very good concept giving a great message. Even though there are many outrageous fighting scenes but if these scenes are not considered then this is a very great movie. Its about an Indian doctor living in Europe comes back home to solve a health care threat that is looming over the country, and in the process,he unravels the mystery surrounding his father's death.

1) Baahubali 2

No wonder this movie is the number one on our list as it deserves to be. This movie made history by becoming one of the most successful movies ever and it was just great. Its about The Evil prince who conspires against his brother to become the king. He soon gets him killed by his accomplice and imprison his wife. Years later, the son returns to avenge his father's death.