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Four stray cats poisoned to death in Mirdif

Gulf News 2018-01-10 16:01:00
Image Credit: Supplied

Three succumbed to poisoning despite being taken to hospital while fourth was found dead in a garage

Image Credit: Supplied

The four cats (circled) that died from being poisoned.

DUBAI: Four cats died last week due to suspected food poisoning in a Mirdif villa community close to Aswaq supermarket.

The strays were believed to have eaten off a plate of cat food placed next to a bin in the villa community a day before they took ill and died.

Indian expat, Syed Siddique, 30, told XPRESS, he found one of the cats lying dead in a carton kept inside his villa garage.

Too late

“There were no visible injuries or bleeding. The same day three other strays in the area became sick and one of them started vomiting. I took them to a nearby clinic where the vet confirmed the cats had been poisoned. Unfortunately the treatment at the vet was too late and all three cats died the same day in the hospital.”

Last year this newspaper reported about a serial cat killer on the loose who killed four strays in Jumeirah 3 by poisoning them to death.

A middle-aged man with silver hair was spotted by people powdering cat food kept in various locales of Jumeirah.

“I cannot help drawing similarities in the incidents. Could it be the same serial killer involved?” asked Siddique.

“I have alerted the neighbours to keep a vigil on anyone trying to harm the stray cats in the area. I have been looking after them for the last year and it has broken my heart to see them cats die this way,” he said.