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Students told to be versatile to get jobs

Hans India 2018-01-11 00:28:00
Students told to be versatile to get jobs
Amaravati: In present scenario one needs to be versatile and design engineering solutions, said Bhavesh Mistry, Sr Group Manager, National Instruments, Austin, USA, for Global Academic Programme in National Instruments, at a programme at VIT–AP here on Wednesday.
His team paid a visit to VIT-AP  and addressed students with a presentation on ‘Insight into 21st Century System Design Challenges’, stated the management in a press release.
In the presentation, Mistry took many instances of social challenges around the world and elucidated common approaches to solve them. He suggested to the students on how to integrate engineering clinics with technology provided by national instruments to address the societal issues. 
He appreciated the multi-disciplinary grouping approach of engineering clinics. Bhavesh and his team emphasised the novel applications of engineering, designed at top class universities around the world and motivated the students at VIT-AP to compete in technical competitions in the country. 
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