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DISCUSSION ON MOTION OF THANKS FOR GOVERNOR’S ADDRESS: Media galvanising deaths in Kashmir: Javed Beg

Greater Kashmir 2018-01-11 01:56:13

"Journalists want nuisance value for news. Mine words won’t be covered as we are ‘usool pasand’ (man of principle)," he said.

PDP leader and MLA Baramulla Javed Beg on Wednesday told the lower house that journalists in J&K want “nuisance for news” and don’t give coverage to leaders like him who are "man of principle".

Speaking during motion of thanks on Governor’s address in the lower house, Beg said media was “galvanising” the deaths in Kashmir, which enraged the journalists present in the press gallery of the house.

"Journalists want nuisance value for news. Mine words won’t be covered as we are ‘usool pasand’ (man of principle)," he said.

He said the newspapers were doing “politics on the bloodshed” of Kashmiris. "They show huge gathering of around 50,000 people in the militant funerals," he said.


Ruling PDP MLA from Wachi constituency of south Kashmir on Wednesday told the House that talks with militants and separatist leaders will resolve Kashmir issue.

Speaking during motion of thanks on Governor address PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmad Mir said everyone in the state was a stakeholder and should be consulted for talks.


Independent MLA from Langate constituency on Wednesday said the government can’t muzzle the voice of Kashmiri people by caging Hurriyat leaders.

He reiterated his demand to hold plebiscite and said, “Plebiscite is our birth right and we will not surrender."

Meanwhile he also submitted his property statement to Speaker of the Lower House and urged him to initiate probe into his assets that he has got after taking oath as MLA.

Referring to the NIA summons to him, he told the House to see the move through a different prism saying that summoning one legislator was indirectly a summon to entire legislature.

He said all the Congress party, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, will land in a serious problem “if I reveal the circumstances that made him to vote for Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad for his Rajya Sabha membership.”