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A Rare Lunar Eclipse Visible After 150 Years

Real Facets 2018-01-12 13:44:11

The first lunar eclipse of 2018 is expected to occur on 31st of this month, according to international weather research centers. Another feature is that this is a rare lunar eclipse that occurs about 150 years later. It is also known as 'Blue Moon' (Blue Moon). The entire lunar eclipse will occur on the night of January 31, and the Pacific Ocean region will be in turmoil.

The epic is already ready for the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This lunar eclipse is fully visible in the evening in Central and Eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. This lunar eclipse is fully visible in Alaska, Northwest Canada and Hawaii. However, the Moon's disappearance time in North and Central America may interfere.

The entire lunar eclipse is likely to occur for about 77 minutes, and the eclipse of the Moon will be bright and the top edge is dark at the full eclipse. The next full lunar calendar is expected to occur in 2028. This is seen as an important event.