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Your life can save a little bit of onion

entertainment 123 2018-01-12 18:20:02

 It sounds as simple as hearing and seeing onions. In fact, it is equally extraordinary that there are some benefits of cookie onions that you will be surprised if you know about it. 

Onion also has an advantage about which few people are aware of-

You will be surprised to hear the benefits of keeping a piece of onion in your socks while sleeping at night. You have also been told that this medicine is available on the onion which contains phosphoric acid that makes your blood pure by penetrating into the arteries of blood. There is a kind of  blood purifier  .

Only a small number of people know that when they are planted on the body, it can destroy the body and also the bacteria inside. That is why sleeping by keeping onions in socks can keep our body parts healthy too.

(Different nerves in the soles that are (about 7,000), and these nerves are attached to different organs of our body, these cells function like a powerful electrical circuit within our body, but these nerves Often disheveled due to wearing shoes or slippers)

Onion purifies blood in our body when phosphoric acid is present in our skin through onion, it is very helpful in purifying blood.

In summer the onion lasts from Lu 

If someone has pain in the joints, then those people should mix the onion juice with mustard oil and massage them thoroughly for about 6 to 8 weeks