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The Tribune 2018-02-12 07:01:00
ONE-TO-ONEEnjoying being in a peaceful space in life, Dalljiet dreams about doing some powerful shows and having a happy married life
Dalljiet KaurThe adorable and talented actress Dalljiet Kaur, who was seen in TV show Kaala Tika, is surely in a good space currently. In conversation with us, she spoke about her journey, her life and much more… What kind of show are you looking out for? I was extremely thrilled to watch The Test Case. It emphasises and reminds us of the power of a woman. There was no rona-dhona; just plain strength. I was awestruck by the camera work and quality of performances. I wish and pray I get to play something powerful like it that I can look back in my career with pride.  What changes do you find in the industry from the Kulvaddhu days? The audience has become more acceptable towards the variety we can offer creatively. There are bold shows and there are stereotype shows, so there’s something to cater to all kinds of audiences. It's perfect. Creatively there is much more to offer as an actor. The producers are experimenting! What are your views on love at this stage of your life? I am open to love, but I haven’t found anyone yet. I don’t know if the butterflies will flutter this time or not but I do hope I feel the love again by the honesty and humility of the man I find.  As per the buzz, you are open to an arranged marriage. Share your thoughts. Absolutely. I am open to arranged marriage because I am not a very social person. Everyone tells me that the chances of finding someone on my own are nil as I don’t really meet people and socialise. That’s why my friends and family have their search engines active, even more than Google.  You have evolved as a person from the time you started your career.  I am in a peaceful space in my life. I have dreams to do good shows now. I daydream to work on good projects and to be able to creatively explore myself. I am at a happy-yet-lonely stage of life where I miss having someone to come back to. But when my son comes running towards me every time I ring the doorbell, it is a very fulfilling experience.  Where do you see yourself in five years from now? I see myself very happy with my career and lots to appreciation as an actor and painter. Hopefully, I’ll be married by then and my son Jaydon will be as happy as now. I think Jaydon would be asking me to spend more time with him during my busy days but I’ll be able to manage it happily. How I see it, I’ll be balancing my family and doing what I love the most.

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