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An Indian company where the peon is also a millionaire.

GOOD VIEWS 24+7 2018-02-12 16:17:31

  • This thing seems a little ridiculous but it's 100 percent true. And it is not that these payments have come in error in their accounts. This unique company lies in Gujarat's Sanand in Ahmedabad. The interesting thing is that in this company, there are millions of rupees in the accounts of the employees who are engaged in wages.
  • Who is this company?

Let's tell the story behind it. This company is RaviRaj Foils Limited, which is in Sanand, Ahmedabad. According to the NDTV report, the company had acquired the land for setting up a factory in Ahmedabad. In compensation for land acquisition, this company has given millions of rupees to these people. On the basis of the promise, they also gave jobs to the supervisor, foreman, security guard, laborer, etc. in this factory on merit basis. Here, 300 employees work, in which nearly 150 bank accounts have more than ten million rupees.

  • From the store assistant to the machine operator, there are millions of rupees in the account!

There is a salary of Dharmendra Singh Vaghela, who employs a machine operator here, 15 thousand rupees per month, but his bank account is about Rs 2 crore. Jagdish Rathod, who works as a store assistant for Rs. 12 thousand, but has about 1.5 crore rupees in his account. Likewise, storekeeper Narendra Singh has received Rs 4 crore from the land and according to merit, 11 thousand rupees per month. All these people have kept fixed deposits in these banks and run the expenses of the family with interest, while other needs are met from the job's money.