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Hug Day 2018: Hug is medicine on lakhs of infections

Kolhales12 2018-02-12 22:31:50

New Delhi: Hug should mean hugging a person. Hug is a realization that reduces all your problems. This feeling touches any person inward. In fact, hug means that a person's spiritual powers start entering into another person and he gets the energy to fight with the problems. 

When a mother, her child or a girlfriend, feels her lover in the throat, then that person forgets all his grief, fatigue and experiences a new one. Hug is also a way of loving love.

Getting rid of stress and infection  

A research done by Carnegie Mellon University, which reduces stress due to hugs and also reduces the likelihood of infection. Scientist Sheldon Cohen has said in his study that due to stress, the disease-resistant capacity is low, it increases back by hugging, resulting in stress-related infection.

Memory Increases  

According to an English newspaper Daily Mail, researchers have done a new discovery, in which it has come to know that due to hug (hug), there is a hormone oxytocin in the blood of our body. Which reduces our increased blood pressure, because of which we avoid stress and nervousness and the power of our brain i.e. increases memory.

Positive energy flows 

When you take your partner's sleepless nights safe and sound overnight. So the next morning starts with happiness and positive energy. The energy throughout the day helps you to do your work even better. The embrace is not just for intimacy but rather much more. The other couples who embrace each other have strong connections compared to the other (which does not embrace each other). When you embrace your partner, you do not even know which stage of the conversation you are at. Even many times, without hugging, only the hug has a magical effect in your relationship.

Blood pressure remains true

In fact the embrace is very beneficial for health, and also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It reduces depression and helps in maintaining blood pressure. Staying stable in blood pressure is less likely to lead to headache and other diseases. Therefore, to avoid all these problems, embrace your partner.