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Absentee TTV says function organised in hasty manner

DTNext 2018-02-13 05:30:00

Strongly condemning the unveiling of the late chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s portrait in the Assembly, RK Nagar MLA TTV Dinakaran has said it was done in a hasty manner, just like a party function.

TTV Dinakaran Thiruchirapalli: Speaking to reporters in Thanjavur on Monday, he said that the function would have been organised in a grand manner in the presence of state and national leaders.
“Amma is a national leader and so it is apt to call the national leaders for the unveiling of her portrait in the Legislative Assembly,” he said. He claimed that the programme has been organised in a hasty manner as they (ruling party) are aware that the verdict of disqualification of 18 MLAs would come against them and the government would be dissolved subsequently as they may lose majority.
“While just 10 days are left for her birthday, they should have waited until then but they failed to so. So it is clear that they are running a bogus government in the name of Amma for which a Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and four ministers are there on whom the people lost their trust,” Dinakaran said. 
Stating that both Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister run the govern ment to suit their personal interests, Dinakaran said, they even distribute a special wage to each MLAs just to be with them. “Still many of the MLAs have been contacting us to tell that they are with us,” he claimed. 
Even a few MLAs want either the government to be dissolved or it should continue after removing a few ministers, he added.