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National Crush, Priya Reveals Her Future Plans, Says She Took Just One Take For That Perfect Wink

The Social Monk 2018-02-13 18:57:55

Priya Prakash Varrier turned into an overnight sensation, thanks to her perfect wink and contagious smile! The actress who is all set to make her debut in Oru Adaar Love has literally floored everyone with a 30 sec clip from the viral video. By the time now, the internet is flooded with Priya Varrier’s memes, videos, and a lot more fun stuff.

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Soon after emerging as the internet sensation, Priya opens up about becoming overnight sensation and a lot more things.

When asked about her feeling of being an internet sensation, Priya said that she is experiencing the best phase of her life. Her feelings were ‘surreal’. She is new to this popularity but is extremely happy. The actress further said that when they shot the scene, the director said that it was good! She never expected such a reaction from the internet.

When asked about her viral wink and how many takes she took to master it, India’s national crush said that she took just one take for that perfect wink and smile. As the director wanted some cute reactions from Priya and Roshan, he asked her to wink and smile in a perfect way. She tried and nailed it all at once!

If you are thinking Priya Prakash Varrier was given enough time to nail those expressions than you are wrong! The internet sensation said that the director asked her to give those expressions on the spot and she tried. Such a reaction from the internet was truly unexpected for her as well as the team.

Talking about her dream of becoming a successful actor, Priya said,

“Definitely! This is what I have always dreamt of. I have always wanted to be an actress; since I was very young. So, I will definitely continue to act. I would like to try other languages too.”

When asked about the offers she got after the video went viral, she said that she has been receiving a lot of offers from Telugu and Tamil industries. She said everyone she knows is extremely happy with her efforts and have been congratulating her.

Talking about her auditions for Oru Adaar love, here is what Priya said,

“I actually auditioned for Omar Lulu’s second movie, and the team cast me for that. But because of my board exams, I couldn’t go. Later, I saw the casting call for Oru Adaar Love. I had gone for the audition. I didn’t expect it to turn out so well. Omar Sir had cast me for a small role I guess, but because of this small wink, he has cast me in a lead role right now!”