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Sunjuwan attack : Indian Army major asks about militants on gaining conscious in hospital bed

news nation 2018-02-13 21:50:00

The world salutes the mettle of Indian Army, reason they have men of all age who keep the country’s prestige in first priority.

The recent example of the act to keep the country’s honour high can be seen post Sunjuwan attack. A major rank Indian Army officer on regaining conscious first think he asked, “are all militants dead. My boys are there, I need to go.”

The story is of Major Abhijeet who was seriously injured on the first day of the terror attack on Sunjuwan camp. Soon after being hit by a bullet fighting the terrorists, he felt on ground and had lost his conscious the very moment.

Major General Nadeep Naithani said, “Abhijeet has gone through a surgery and his recovering. He regained his conscious on Tuesday.”

He added that Abhijeet was informed that all terrorists have been gunned down.

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Around three terrorists on Saturday sneaked into the Indian Army Sunjuwan camp in Jammu and Kashmir. Seven soldiers were killed and at least 10 other including civilians were killed in the terror attack. The attack was carried out by Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists. Security agencies during their investigation have learnt that the attack was sponsored by Azhar Masood.