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Question : Which is the country which has no official capital?

Suresh sharma 2018-03-10 15:13:38

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1). Which country is not an official capital?

Answer: Nauru country

2). How many muscles are there in the human skull?

Answer: 8 muscles

3). In which district of Bihar is the production of royal litchi mass produced?

Answer: In Muzaffarpur

4). What is the transistor's internal antenna of which metal?

Answer: of ferrochrome metal.

5). Which part of the body is affected by jaundice?

Answer: liver

6). Which animal was first born by the ancient humans?

Answer: dog

7). In what season is the cultivation of hot crop?

Answer: Summer season

8). What were the tools and weapons used in the old age?

Answer: stone

9). What is the disease of meningitis related to?

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