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To take thing for immediately remove the pimples and stains

TECH SIVAN 2018-03-12 12:16:14

Hi Friends, Every person in the world wants to make himself beautiful and beautiful. But nowadays due to pollution, living and not taking proper care of the skin, face problems related to the face. The most common problem of the face is the pimples, which is essential for everyone at least once.

Manytimes, after the release of the pimples, the scars remain in that place. It significantly reduces the beauty of the face. Today we are going to tell you an indigenous home remedy. The scars will end with the root.

Pimples & Stains Remedies:

For this measure you need turmeric, aloe Vera and vitamin E capsules. Mix one fourth spoon turmeric in two teaspoon olive gels half an hour before bedtime and apply it well on the whole face. When it comes to pleasure, wash the face with clean water. After that, add a vitamin K capsule liquid in a little coconut oil and leave it on a stained spot. Wash the face the next morning. With this remedy, your face will clear the pimples and scars in a few days.

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